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Smaxt: Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents from your Oracle database

Transform your data into full-featured Microsoft Office documents

Your database is able to create Microsoft Office documents

Creating documents manually is outdated

Save valuable time and resources

We have developed smaxt so you can automatically create excellent Microsoft Office documents. Use smaxt and create your documents fast, safe and with high quality.

Smaxt saves you valuable time by relieving you of unnecessary routine tasks such as:

  • Editing or refinishing of formulas or charts
  • Collecting data from different sources
  • Formatting data or text
  • Creating visually attractive formatted tables
  • Creating pivot tables out of data

Through the seamless integration of smaxt in the familiar Microsoft Office programs, you can start immediately.

documents. done. smart.

Take advantage of these features

Smaxt creates perfect, real MS Office documents

The documents generated by smaxt are full-featured Microsoft Office documents. These are produced precisely in a cell- and format-accurate manner and can contain almost all Office features that are important to you.

Working in your familiar environment

You design documents with the MS Office programs. Smaxt fills these documents with the current data. Your layout and design is retained. Formulas, diagrams, tables, etc. are adapted to the current data situation.

Serial documents even for Excel and PowerPoint

With smaxt, you can produce serial documents with Excel and PowerPoint as you know it for Word documents. You and your data decide how many files, spreadsheets, and slides are generated.

Scheduled production and distribution

The smaxt production control ensures that your documents are generated by your database at the desired date and time. Moreover smaxt takes care of the automatic distribution of the documents to the desired recipients.

Extend the functionality of existing systems with the smaxt API

Use the smaxt API, to enable your existing systems, to also create Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents.

Extremely fast, server-based document generation

With smaxt you design your documents with just a few dummy data. Smaxt produces the documents with the real data in your database and delivers you the finished documents. Waiting times, due to large amounts of data, are thereby past.

smaxt in action

Create fabulous documents in the blink of an eye

New dimensions in the production of Microsoft Office dokuments

Get your own idea of it

Automatize your document production

Increase efficiency in your processes


  • Highly reduced manual work
  • Short lead times
  • High topicality
  • Quick implementation of requirements
  • Low set-up time
  • Low training time


  • Reduction of manual work
  • Low network data transfer
  • Seemless integration into existing infrastructure
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Minimum training effort necessary


  • Audit-proof processes
  • Reduced points of attack
  • Reduced points of failure
  • Centralized document generation
  • Server-based production
  • 100% SQL
  • High transparency


  • Reusable modules
  • Ad hoc or scheduled production
  • Use smaxt from all applications via API
  • Separation of layout from content


  • Smaxt runs when your database is running
  • SQL instead of macros and VBA
  • Production on the Database-Server instead on local PC
  • Support for staging concepts


  • No transfer errors
  • No errors due to manual work steps
  • No media breaks
  • Real, appealing office documents
  • Current data


  • Server-sided Production
  • Create documents quickly
  • Easily use existing documents
  • Realize requirements fast


  • Document layout is done with Excel, Word or PowerPoint
  • Motivated employees
  • Use of existing software
  • Use of existing knowledge